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Dear CN User,

The New Pathway LMS is Here

We’re excited to share our latest development with you - a new, streamlined way to build courses: the Pathway LMS tool. This new next-generation LMS course tool is perfect for self-paced online training (corporate use) and short hybrid courses (k-12 and higher ed). Badges can be awarded for lesson completion along the way to incentify learners. Similarly, certificates and badges can be automatically awarded and pushed to the learner's ePortfolio upon course completion.

One distinctive feature of the CN Pathway LMS is its ease of course creation and convenience for busy learners. In a world on-the-go, learners can hop on their mobile devices when they have time and pick back up right where they left off in their courses. Instructors, many of whom are gearing up for online teaching due to the COVID-19 pandemic can quickly and easily create online courses - no training necessary. Even Zoom lectures can be added with one click.

Give it a try on us. Create your Pathway LMS course for free for the first six months. Then pay only $9 per month.

We also offer schools and companies institutional licenses for unlimited course creation starting at $2,000 per year.

More devices

*Along with the release of the new course type, we have re-branded our traditional course type to Classic LMS. CN is committed to continue maintaining and refining the CN Classic LMS.

Important Note

In addition to the new Pathway course, we want to inform instructors that we have made structural changes to personal course pricing. Starting July 14, 2020, each CN user can only create 2 free, and 2 paid personal courses. Please read this article for more information. If you have any questions or need any additional information, feel free to contact or

With all of these changes, we’re here to help guide you. Please see the following additional resources for creating courses and navigating pricing structures.

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