About Us

CourseNetworking (CN) was developed based on the concept of course "networking," as opposed to the typical course "management" systems. Thus, a new social Learning Management System (LMS) was born based on the notion of lifelong access to LMS content, and deep integration personal Electronic Portfolio (ePortfolio).

In 2011, the idea and business model of CN were discussed with Indiana University’s leadership. CourseNetworking LLC was co-founded and commercialized by Indiana University and Ali Jafari. The unique business model planned to offer lifelong, free ePortfolio accounts to individuals, worldwide while monetizing through low-cost institutional licensing and optional individual premium accounts.

United States, Malaysia, and China

At CN, we take pride in having an enthusiastic global team that works tirelessly to maximize opportunities for our established and potential clients. CN is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN USA, and has offices in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Guangzhou, China.

Our Asia Pacific headquarters, located in Kuala Lumpur, focuses on business development and marketing work in the region. Our team in Guangzhou, China, works hand in hand with the U.S. and IUPUI CyberLab team to maintain and develop CN’s technology backbone as they focus on continuous software innovation and development of the CN platform.

Founder of CourseNetworking

Professor Ali Jafari founded CourseNetworking LLC as part of his research on the next generation e-learning technology platform (see CN white paper).

Professor Jafari is a serial entrepreneur who is well known for his research and innovation in the area of Information Technology, more specifically, on the development of a series of Learning Management Systems (LMS).

IUPUI CyberLab’s LMS Timeline

Birth of LMS

The Learning Management System (LMS) was introduced to universities around the world. It is a management software package enabling the delivery of learning content, resources, and activities and also handles the associated administration tasks.


In 1997, Oncourse was developed at the IUPUI CyberLab and implemented at all Indiana University campuses. Oncourse later became Sakai, an open-source technology serving many institutions around the world.


ANGEL Learning was developed at the CyberLab. ANGEL Learning Inc was seed-funded by Indiana University. In less than a decade, ANGEL became an industry competitor and was acquired (May 2009) by Blackboard for $100 million.


Epsilen Environment became the third enterprise learning environment software developed at the CyberLab. Epsilen LLC was created by capital investment from The New York Times Company.


CourseNetworking LLC (CN) is the latest creation with seed funding and intellectual support from Indiana University.