CN Accessibility

The CN team is committed to providing an accessible and inclusive learning environment to our global users.

CN products are compliant with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA standards.

We also carry out frequent external reviews by accessibility experts and seek feedback from users who utilize accessibility technologies to ensure our accessibility compliance.

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Make all content accessible

From design to development, we pay close attention to the clearness of our site structure and the intractability of dynamic elements, so that assistive technologies and keyboard-only users can smoothly navigate. We also exercise meticulous attention to detail with regard to color contrast, default font size, and content layout, all in pursuit of achieving optimal readability.

Regarding user-created content, we provide them with the option to add alt-text to their images, closed captions to their videos, and descriptions to their links.

Leverage Microsoft Immersive Reader

We have integrated the Microsoft Immersive Reader to help young learners and learners with reading differences (e.g. Dyslexia) access course content. The immersive reader supports reading out the text, adjusting font style, highlighting words, and other reading needs.

Cater to individual needs and preferences

We deeply understand individuals approach learning in different ways and we strive to support different learner needs and preferences. Following UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principles, we offer features that support multiple means of engagement, representation, and expression.

Both learners and instructors can leverage various media types (e.g., text, image, audio, video) for posts, assignments, and ePortfolios Showcases.

Create inclusive learning communities

CN's social nature makes it a perfect platform for online communities. The social discussion features invite everyone to freely share their opinions with their groups, classmates, global classmates, or the entire CN.

The translation tool, anonymous posting, Anar Seeds, and personal ePortfolios complement social discussion features, brining user connections and engagement to the next level.


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