CN Pathway LMS

Empower learners through self-paced, micro online training

The ultimate Pathway learning management system designed to take your corporate training to the next level. With a strong emphasis on social learning and gamification, our LMS is the perfect tool to engage and motivate your workforce. Our platform allows your employees, clients or partners to connect and collaborate with each other, share their knowledge and experience, and learn from each other in a fun and interactive way.

This LMS course-type is optimized for corporate training, self-paced courses, and short academic online courses. This option is fast and straightforward to create. It includes social engagement, badges and certificates, and learning gamification. Learn More

We have what all other LMS offers but more..

CN is a cloud-hosted platform through AWS with 99.99% uptime. It is designed to support new learning theories and pedagogical approaches through social, engaging, and global learning. With our user-friendly interface, Ai-based personal learning agent, and gamification features, only few steps, you can empower your people to learn and build flexible learning spaces that drive engagement.

Streamlined content delivery with completion settings

The intuitive visual designs help learners understand the course structure and track their progress. Easy switch in between instructor and student’s interface.

Automated badges and Certificates

Automated badges and certificates are automatically issued for lesson and course completions. CN supports both pre-defined and customizable designs for badges and certificates. These credentials are pushed to learners’ training ePortfolios automatically.

Social Discussion and Career Network

The built-in social discussion features (i.e., post, poll, events, comments, hashtags) invites learners to communicate and connect with each other.

Training ePortfolio

The CN LMS comes with a lifelong ePortfolio for every user to document and reflect on their learning outcomes and competencies. With the developed training ePortfolios, your organization will have a new way to assess and demonstrate learning outcomes.

Foster Self-driven Growth through AI

Rumi is our AI-based personal learning agent that recommend learning resources, professional connections as well as up-skilling with auto skill tagging.

We have what all other LMS offers but more..

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