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CN ePortfolio gives students a lifelong webpage to showcase their learning experiences, competencies, and achievements for self-reflection, personal branding, and job applications.

The ePortfolio provides institutions with a complete assessment engine and comprehensive analytics for program-wide and institutional-wide implementation. Additionally, artifacts (e.g., documents, badges, recommendations, school affiliation) are certified on institution users’ ePortfolios to prove authenticity and credibility.

ePortfolio implementation concept and practice

How can students create their CN ePortfolio account and use it?

K-12 and college students from anywhere in the world may visit to create their free ePortfolio account, or their certified CN ePortfolio account can be created dynamically by their CN licensed institution. Students own their ePortfolio for the rest of their life, and they take it with them when they switch schools and beyond. Once students graduate from a CN licensed school, their accounts become free to use after that with the option to upgrade to a premium account.

When students are ready to hit the job market, look for internships, or enter another school (college or graduate school), they may send the web address (URL) of their ePortfolio for application. View graduate student example or view high school student example. Their ePortfolio page may include a resume, recommendation, learning, and experimental evidence, showcases of their competencies, endorsements from classmates and teachers, even their certified transcript. Students may choose to create different versions of their ePortfolios for a variety of purposes, such as college admission, internship, employment, and social presence, and networking. As the owner of their ePortfolio, students have total control over their intellectual property and privacy. To fully support the life-long ePortfolio concept, CN also allows users to archive old artifacts on their ePortfolio. ePortfolio printing options are also available.

ePortfolios created through institutional integration (LTI, API) are all certified offering a variety of CN certifications for the authenticity of learning evidences such as badges, recommendation, transcript, school affiliation, etc.

Why do students need a CN ePortfolio when they could use LinkedIn®?

Display your Visual Resume and Skills

Students can give potential employers a brief overview of their experiences and affiliations. They can also create skills that represent their abilities and use them to tag learning evidence throughout the ePortfolio.

Display collected learning evidence and achievements

Give your students badges they can use to show off their competencies. The ePortfolio also has numerous locations - like the documents section where students can display real evidence of their learning by adding papers, presentations, projects, and more.

Create custom showcases to display your work

Custom showcases allow students to expand and reflect on learning and experiences while adding documents, skills, and multi-media to bring their experiences to life.

CN ePortfolio is for everyone!

ePortfolios for Institutions

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