CN LMS Suite

Imagine one single tool, with one contract, to offer your institution an LMS, social networking, and ePortfolio. CN LMS is the next generation of learning management systems that embed social networking, badging, ePortfolio, learning analytics, and gamification within a single software suite. CN LMS can be used for online learning, blended learning, or training, in K-12, universities, or corporations. It can also be used to deliver MOOC courses.

New: seamlessly working with Zoom.

We offer two course-types: Classic LMS or Pathway LMS

Classic LMS: This LMS course-type is best suited for online courses, hybrid or blended learning courses, and compliments in-person classes. It offers all traditional LMS functionality and also includes tools for social engagement, badges, and learning gamification. CN Classic LMS is the result of eight years continued development and is used by hundreds of institutions around the world. Learn more

Pathway LMS (New): This LMS course-type is optimized for corporate training, self-paced courses, and short academic online courses. This option is fast and straightforward to create. It includes social engagement, badges and certificates, and learning gamification. Learn more

Robust Content Delivery Tools

Instructors have the option to either use the Classic LMS or Pathway LMS to deliver course content and activities. Both tools are easy to edit and multi-media friendly. The clear visual designs help learners understand the course structure and track their progress.

Course Progress and Completion Settings

Instructors and course designers may set up progress conditions. Learners won't see the content of the next task until the set conditions are met. CN also allows a variety of course completion settings. Upon completion of a lesson or course, learners will receive a badge or certificate that will be automatically added to their CN ePortfolio. We understand recognition like this means a lot to learners and also adds value to online learning programs.

Learning Assessment and Analytics

CN offers a variety of assessment options, from traditional quizzes to post and assignment submissions, and even ePortfolio-based assessment. CN also offers rich learning analytics to learners, instructors, and school administrators. These analytics do not only give insight into assessment results but also on online participation, learning engagement, course completion, and more.

Social Discussion and Global Networking

The social discussion feed is readily available in each CN course, inviting learners to share ideas, resources, questions, and connect with their classmates. Learners can also go beyond the walls of their classroom to join conversations with global classmates who take similar courses on CN. While posting, learners earn Anar Seeds and participation badges.

CN on the go from any device

All CN products are completely mobile friendly. You can add CN to the home screen of your phone. The hassles of installing or updating an app are no longer a problem. With CN, you always have access to the most up-to-date features. Your experience is consistent across devices--desktop, tablet, iPhone, and Android phones.

The CN LMS Suite offers a variety of other features. View more CN LMS Suite features



The European MOOC Dys program has successfully delivered a series of special education and child care courses using the CN LMS Suite. They effectively leverage the unique social learning features on CN to engage thousands of learners. In one course offered to French speakers, 6,000 users created more than 17, 6000 posts in two months! Learners earn badges and certificates while taking courses. Anar Seeds is used to track course completion, which has helped yield the highest course completion rates in the MOOC market. Visit the English version of the course

IDC Certification

IDC Certification

IDC (Institute for Diversity Certification) adopted the CN Pathway LMS to deliver a smooth, self-paced online learning and certification experience to its members. Learners access learning materials, download exam score reports, complete candidate projects, network with each other, and track progress all in one place. Upon completing the requirements, an e-certificate is automatically issued to the learner’s CN ePortfolio for them to download and share.

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