IUPUI Minority Engineering Advancement Program (MEAP) uses CN to engage high school students in STEM

by Allie Wigginton - July 02, 2019

About MEAP

The School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) has delivered the Minority Engineering Advancement Program (MEAP) summer camp to high school students of Indianapolis area since 2018. MEAP provides an opportunity for students interested in math and science to explore paths for their education and future careers in engineering and technology fields. Students participate in many fun hands-on projects and activities that also introduce them to many university and industry areas.

MEAP Director, Patrick Gee explained, “The program assists Indianapolis high school students by immersing them in engineering and technology and other STEM coursework while making them more aware of the educational opportunities and benefits that are available at IUPUI.”

CN Team members Joe and Allie pose with MEAP Director,
Patrick Gee, IUPUI ET Chair, Robert Weissbach, and the
MEAP students after a CN lunch discussion

Collaboration between MEAP and CourseNetworking

The MEAP program at IUPUI has been using CourseNetworking to host an online network for the students to reflect on program activities and interact with one another. In addition, each student is encouraged to complete their ePortfolio with showcases reflecting what they learned during MEAP.

The students enjoyed posting and collecting Anar Seeds during the MEAP program as they competed with one another to earn more seeds by completing activities and participating in the course. The MEAP students gave great feedback about CN, one student posted in the course saying, “Wow CN has become a big part of our experience here at #MEAP. I never would’ve thought that a website like this would impact our experience so much. #CN.” While another student expressed that he liked the “interactive” aspects of CN and went on to say, “I felt comfortable using CN. It made me feel like if I went to college here [at IUPUI] then I would feel comfortable knowing that even if I didn’t know anyone, I could connect with people in my classes on CN.” In only two weeks, the students earned an average of 800 Anar Seeds (per student). The most active student accumulated 1009 Seeds in total. Various badges were also awarded to recognize students’ participation and acquired knowledge and skills.

Post created by a student in the MEAP course

CourseNetworking will remain available to the students after the summer program, so students can come back to network with each other, and the program will be able to make announcements, such as IUPUI ET college application information, to the group.

Throughout the MEAP program, the students shared their thoughts and created showcases displaying their experiences surrounding topics like virtual reality, cybersecurity, 3D printing, patent laws, biomedical engineering and other engineering disciplines, and more. Three students were recognized as having the best ePortfolios of the group at the closing ceremony.

Top 3 ePortfolios:

The top ePortfolio winner's ePortfolio (GJ134)

CourseNetworking is a robust learning and academic networking platform for extra-curriculum programs like MEAP. If you are looking for technology tools to facilitate member communication, enhance engagement, award badges, and certificates, and empower students to document their learning, feel free to visit our website www.thecn.com or contact info@coursenetworking.com.