Institute for Diversity Certification - Seamless Online Learning and Certification Experience with CN Pathway LMS

Organization Name: Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC)


Product Used: CN Pathway LMS

Member Size: 5,000

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About IDC

Founded in 2009, The Institution for Diversity Certification (IDC), a subsidiary of The Society for Diversity, has been at the forefront of providing top-notch Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Certification to employees from renowned organizations such as Amazon, Zendesk, Washington State, and The Gatson Group.

IDC's vision is to revolutionize DEI training, equipping learners with essential knowledge for assessments and practical application in the workplace. As a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, they stand proudly as the globally renowned DEI certification program. They are undergoing accreditation with the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) to ensure as well as demonstrate their commitment to excellence.

Why IDC Chose CN

As part of their certification programs, IDC is in need of creating a training experience that is both user-friendly and advantageous, enabling learner interaction and robust discussion within their online learning environment.

Before using CN, IDC experienced several challenges with its previous LMS platform. Firstly, the lack of learner engagement and interaction within their online learning environment. Secondly, insufficient direct user support was provided. Thirdly, the lack of support for customized integration services, particularly, integration with their exam service provider to streamline their exam management process and seamlessly factor exam results into their program completion.

After a systematic comparison of LMS products in the market, IDC decided to switch to CourseNetworking/CN LMS to leverage its social networking, automated certificate issuing, and other engaging learning features, as well as its dedicated client services, including custom system integration.

Seamless Implementation and Integration

When IDC first got on board CN, the CN team assisted the organization with course migration from their previous LMS, Talent LMS. The course migration was a rather smooth experience – a series of eight courses for learners enrolled in different programs were developed in less than a couple of months. During this initial stage, the CN team also enhanced their assignment feature to support multiple assessors grading learners’ candidate projects. The CN team later helped the client with setting up their custom-designed e-certificate and digital badges. As of today, IDC is leveraging CN for both member certification and recertification.

In 2022, during the second year of platform adoption, CN became integrated with IDC’s exam service provider, Talogy (previously known as PSI). This custom integration development automated IDC learners' exam-taking process and the IDC team’s exam management process from scheduling an exam, either at a test center or online, all the way to get the test results back as an integral step of the program competition. In 2023, the integration project took one step further to accommodate historical user data and migrate to a brand new version of the exam. The CN team contributed in every step from ideation, development, testing, and launch.

As it moves into its third year of implementation, the CN team continues to serve as a technology provider, thought partner, and, collaborator to IDC. On a daily basis, the CN team not only troubleshoots technical issues swiftly, but also guides the client in using newly developed features, and provides practical suggestions on e-learning activity design as well as member management and data analytics. In this process, the CN team gain valuable insight into their platform and services, which propelled their continuous improvement.

Empowering IDC's Vision of Success

The adoption of CN LMS has elevated IDC's DEI certification programs to new heights, providing learners with an engaging and collaborative learning experience. CN's streamlined course migration, efficient development process, and seamless integrations have revolutionized IDC's certification experience, earning high praise from IDC leadership.

The implementation of CN LMS facilitated seamless course migration and efficient development, enabling the creation of eight courses within just a month. The CN team's support in enhancing the assignment feature and implementing custom e-certificates and digital badges further streamlined the certification process, granting learners instant recognition upon program completion. This streamlined approach not only provided learners with easy access to their credentials but also alleviated IDC staff from laborious manual tasks, making badge and certification issuance more efficient.

The successful integration with IDC's exam service provider, Talogy, automated the exam-taking and management process, enhancing the overall certification experience. IDC leadership has recognized this integration as the most impactful and successful collaboration with the CN LMS.

CN's invaluable support, collaboration, and consultation have proven instrumental in IDC's journey to success. The efficient and effective technical support, the practical suggestions on course delivery, and guidance on forming engaging learning communities and leveraging usage data have contributed to IDC's continuous progress.

The transformative impact of CN LMS is evident in the emphasis on social learning, through which learners are able to learn from and with each other and build a dynamic community of practice. Last but not least, the platform's reliability and exceptional customer support have garnered high satisfaction from IDC, reaffirming the value of their partnership with CN. As a result, IDC has expressed deep satisfaction with CN's reliability and efficiency, and their positive feedback stands as a testament to the impactful partnership between IDC and CN.

The return on investment with the CN has been impeccable. The exceptional quality of service provided by the CN has been invaluable.

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Conclusion: CN LMS, an Ultimate Solution for Training Organizations

In conclusion, the CN LMS empowers organizations like IDC to create user-friendly and advantageous training experiences, fostering learner interaction and robust discussions within the online learning environment. The platform's collaborative features and seamless integration services ensure streamlined certification processes, efficient course management, and automated recognition of learner accomplishments.

Through IDC’s use case, other training organizations may adopt best practices and build confidence in using CN in the following ways:

  • Leveraging social discussion and networking features to create a community of practice among the learners, keep them engaged not only with each other but also with partner organizations and industry leaders.
  • Integrating with external exam vendors to streamline the training program completion process.Offering various learning opportunities to learners, from synchronous learning sessions to online reading materials, from social discussions to personal projects, and from practice quizzes to high-stakes certification exams.
  • Digitalize certification, leveraging digital certificates as part of the LMS.
  • Incentivize learners with digital badges.

For potential customers interested in transforming their learning experiences and streamlining certification processes, we invite you to learn more about CN LMS. Contact our team today to explore how our platform can enhance your organization's training programs, engage learners, and achieve impactful results. Let CN LMS be the driving force behind your organization's success!

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