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Meet Myra Kivett

Meet Myra E. Kivett, a bright and ambitious BA/MA Communication Studies student at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). Her academic journey began as a Bepko Scholar in 2020, where she embraced a world of possibilities and academic excellence. Myra's passion for music led her to complete certificates in music industry essentials from New York University and General Music Studies from the Berklee School of Music. Graduating with a bachelor's degree in communication studies and a minor in music from IU School of Liberal Arts in December 2022, Myra's unwavering determination is evident through her professional accomplishments as a compliance education intern, media/audio engineering intern, journalism/project management specialist, and independent songwriter and musician. Additionally, she is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association, showcasing her immense talent and dedication to the entertainment industry.

The Start

Despite her accomplishments, Myra had faced difficulties in realizing and showcasing her achievements in and out of the classroom. Quoted by Myra, “ I had LinkedIn before, but my LinkedIn is essentially listed experiences without evidence to back it up.” In August 2020, during her freshman year at IUPUI, Myra embarked on her journey with CN ePortfolio. Introduced by her professor, Dr. Bailey, as part of a project of a music appreciation course, Myra recognized the immense potential of this platform. Embracing her status as a Bepko Scholar, she saw an opportunity to go beyond the assignment guidelines and create an extensive ePortfolio to showcase her accomplishments and experiences. With a well-established LinkedIn profile, Myra identifies the main difference between her ePortfolio and LinkedIn: while LinkedIn lists experiences, her CN ePortfolio backs them up with evidence such as pictures and related documents, giving it a more profound and impactful presentation. This marked the beginning of Myra's ePortfolio journey.

A Constantly Evolving Journey - Keeping the ePortfolio Updated

Upon completing the project, Myra was pleasantly surprised by the CN platform's capabilities, which surpassed her expectations, inspiring her to continue using the platform. 'The ePortfolio has allowed me to reflect on the experiences that I have had as a student at IUPUI and professionally outside of the institution,' Myra said. She now understands the importance of keeping her ePortfolio up-to-date. 'I update my ePortfolio when I do something new or noteworthy,' she explained. Conferred degrees, noteworthy experiences, and even her role as a commencement speaker have all found their place in her ever-evolving showcase.

The ePortfolio allows me to reflect on my past experiences and showcase my honors projects as a student.

Myra Kivett

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A Gateway to Opportunities - The ePortfolio in the Professional Realm

For Myra, CN ePortfolio goes beyond a mere resume. It serves as a reflective tool, helping her realize the breadth and depth of her educational and professional experiences. It enables her to display her honors projects and communicate her journey as a student and performer. Myra finds herself attaching her ePortfolio to each job and internship application, showcasing her talents, study abroad experiences, and performances.

Myra leverages her CN ePortfolio to propel her career in the entertainment industry. With a touch of business professionalism and being genuine, she also displays her photography skills and includes links to external websites, demonstrating her expertise and attracting potential clients and students seeking sports-related photos.

Guidance and Support in Building the ePortfolio - A Foundation for Success

Looking back, Myra appreciates the invaluable support from her academic programs, Communication Studies, which required the development of ePortfolios in multiple core courses. Dr. Bailey's guidance in the music appreciation course also played a vital role in setting the foundation, helping her setup and develop anePortfolio with in depth reflections. Taking the initiative to develop it herself, Myra found ample support and now possesses a well-rounded platform.

To those just beginning their ePortfolio journey, Myra suggests taking it one step at a time and avoiding feelings of overwhelm, “I would suggest writing down some accomplishments and things you have done to create a template for what you want to include in the portfolio and then begin developing it from there.”

An Ideal Platform - Myra's Contentment with CN ePortfolio

Fully satisfied with CN ePortfolio's features, Myra sees no need for additional elements. For her, it is a great platform to showcase skills and talents, making it an invaluable asset in her journey towards a career in the entertainment industry. Also, the ePortfolio served as a powerful tool for self-reflection, prompting Myra to realize her growth and solidify her passion for her major. In the success story of Myra E. Kivett, we witness the power of CN ePortfolio in transforming her academic and professional journey. As she continues to shine and pursue her dreams, CN ePortfolio stands as an essential companion, displaying her talent, achievements, and aspirations to the world.

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