Katherine Brown - Crafting a Personalized ePortfolio and Embracing Individuality

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About Katherine Brown

Meet Kate Brown, a dedicated scholar at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Kate is currently pursuing a double major in Theatre and English, specializing in Creative Writing. Committed to her academic journey, she is on track to complete her studies in December of this year. Kate harbors a strong aspiration to immerse herself in the world of film and television production, where she can fully harness her creative talents.

Crafting a CN ePortfolio and Discovering Self-Promotion Skills

In the fall of 2022, Kate Brown embarked on the journey of crafting her CN ePortfolio. With enthusiasm, she embraced the opportunity to collaborate closely with Augustana, her educational institution, and actively participated as a member of the pioneering group of students entrusted with piloting the development of the website designed for creating academic profiles. This immersive experience has undeniably enriched her academic journey, granting her a deeper understanding of herself and equipping her with the skills to effectively promote and present her unique set of talents and accomplishments. "I think it has helped me learn about myself especially how to best market myself and my skill set," Kate said.

A Dynamic Showcase of Achievements and Competencies

Recognizing the enduring value of her personal ePortfolio, Kate diligently maintains and updates it, a practice she has consistently embraced throughout her academic journey. Every few months, or after accomplishing substantial projects like essays or scripts, she takes the time to ensure her portfolio reflects her latest achievements and capabilities. Kate values her ePortfolio as more than just a piece of paper, understanding that it tells the story of who she is and what she's capable of far better than a traditional resume. "I like to keep it current, just in case I want to send it alongside my resume," Kate explains. This meticulous approach helps her present a comprehensive picture of her skills and experiences.

I prefer the CN ePortfolio because it's easier and more enjoyable to customize than other platforms.

Kate Brown

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A Catalyst for Self-Discovery and Future Success

For Kate, her personal ePortfolio holds immense potential as a powerful tool for future job applications, even though she hasn't used it in that capacity yet. She is committed to maintaining and updating it for this very purpose in the future. Kate believes that her ePortfolio has been instrumental in her self-discovery journey, particularly in learning how to effectively market herself and her unique skill set. "I like that it is more than just a piece of paper, like your average resume," Kate said, emphasizing its storytelling ability, which she believes can convey who she is and what she's capable of better than any other alternative. She is eager to showcase her individuality and strengths through her ePortfolio, recognizing that it's the ideal platform to highlight what makes her special and authentic when the time comes to use it in job applications.

Valuable Advice from Kate

When reflecting on her experience with setting up her ePortfolio, Kate offered valuable advice for those embarking on a similar journey. She recommended, "Beyond the design of your page, it's important to carefully consider what to include or exclude from your ePortfolio. Seek guidance from college faculty to help you identify the aspects of yourself you'd like to share with those who may not know you well." Kate found the assistance and direction she received from her college faculty to be quite effective, as they were able to address most of her questions related to profile setup.

Kate's perspective on ePortfolios aligns with her belief that individuals should highlight what makes them unique and true to themselves. She encouraged customization to better align with one's chosen career path or personal aesthetic. Kate emphasized that the content shared in the ePortfolio is entirely up to the individual, likening the process to managing any form of social media, albeit with a higher level of formality.

Crafting a Personalized ePortfolio and Embracing Individuality

As Kate continues her academic journey, diligently working to achieve her career goals and aspirations, she remains deeply satisfied with all the features that CN ePortfolio has to offer. For her, this platform has proven to be an invaluable asset, not only in showcasing her skills and talents but also in gaining valuable insights into effectively marketing herself. Kate's success story serves as a testament to the importance and effectiveness of CN ePortfolio in supporting students like her in their personal and professional growth, allowing them to craft their uniqueness and embrace their individuality.

We extend our gratitude to Kate for her pivotal role in this journey. As one of the students who participated in the pilot group for creating profiles on CN ePortfolio, her contribution has played a vital role in shaping the platform's development. It is evident that her experience has been instrumental in highlighting the significance of CN ePortfolio as a valuable tool for student growth and success at Augustana and beyond. Kate's journey underscores how this platform empowers students to not only showcase their talents but also to embrace their personal and unique strengths, setting them on a path toward their career aspirations.

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