Rachel Johnson - Harnessing the Power of CN ePortfolio for Academic and Professional Success

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About Rachel Johnson

Meet Rachel Johnson, a dedicated student at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Rachel is pursuing dual majors in Biology and Environmental Studies, demonstrating her passion for the natural world and its preservation. She is committed to her academic journey and aspires to graduate with her bachelor's degree. Rachel's academic objectives extend beyond her undergraduate studies; she plans to continue her education by pursuing a master's degree in ecology, with the possibility of earning a doctorate in the future. Her passion for learning and dedication to the field of ecology guide her desire to make a meaningful impact in the world of wildlife research biology.

Embarking on her Journey

In August 2022, Rachel embarked on her CN ePortfolio journey as part of her first-year seminar and academic program requirements. This initiative was encouraged by the university, underlining the significance of digital portfolios for networking and career development. Once she began the process, Rachel quickly grasped the opportunities that the ePortfolio offered. "It enables me to summarize my experiences and showcase certain activities beyond just my report card," Rachel commented.

Ensuring her Profile Remains Up-to-date

Recognizing the ongoing value of her CN ePortfolio, Rachel diligently maintains and updates it, a practice she has consistently upheld throughout her college experience. At the conclusion of each academic term or when applying for internship positions, she ensures that her ePortfolio remains up-to-date by adding her completed projects and detailing her career experiences.

"When I submit my applications for various positions, such as when I'm applying for internships, I make sure to enhance my ePortfolio," said Rachel. For example, following her fisheries internship this summer, Rachel promptly included this significant achievement in her ePortfolio. "It's beneficial to have my career experiences and education consolidated in one place for building connections with potential employers," Rachel added.

I find that my ePortfolio is much more effective and interactive than merely a resume or academic reports.

Rachel Johnson

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Harnessing the Power of CN ePortfolio

For Rachel, the CN ePortfolio is much more effective and interactive than a traditional resume or academic reports, as she highlighted. It enables her to vividly showcase her accomplishments and proficiency, providing potential employers with a deeper understanding of her capabilities. She particularly values its interactive features, which allow her to delve into specific experiences and emphasize the skills she has honed throughout her academic journey.

Rachel understands the supplementary value of the CN ePortfolio. "Resumes often fall short as they place heavy emphasis on educational institutions and paid jobs rather than other experiences," she said. By including a link to her ePortfolio in her applications, she offers prospective employers an enriched view of her qualifications and experiences, ultimately setting herself apart in the competitive job market.

Rachel Johnson's recognition of the challenges posed by the traditional resume aligns with the evolving landscape of professional self-presentation. As she mentions, the "older method can make it difficult to include online areas like my CN ePortfolio." Rachel's embrace of digital platforms like my CN ePortfolio signifies her forward-thinking approach to showcasing her achievements. By leveraging these online spaces, Rachel gains a significant advantage in presenting a comprehensive, multifaceted representation of her skills and experiences.

Insights on Showcasing Your Best Self

When asked to offer guidance to those beginning their ePortfolio journey, Rachel shared some valuable insights. She advised, "In addition to showcasing your academic achievements, I recommend highlighting any leadership roles you've taken on, like serving as a club officer or being involved with various organizations." Rachel stressed the importance of this, noting that her past employers have consistently emphasized the value of practical experience and skills: "My employers have always underscored the significance of hands-on experiences, which I prominently feature in my ePortfolio," she explained.

Rachel firmly believes that nearly all extracurricular activities, whether they involve clubs, sports, or other endeavors, can make a strong and meaningful contribution to your ePortfolio. These experiences, she explained, offer a holistic view of your capabilities, showcasing not only your academic process but also your leadership skills, teamwork, and your ability to balance various commitments.

Greater Improvements for Continued Success

When asked about her thoughts on potential improvements to CN, Rachel mentioned one enhancement: "I think it would be beneficial to be able to add clubs or organizations that the member is affiliated with." Rachel believes that incorporating this feature would enable her to include affiliations with clubs like the Daughters of the American Revolution, American Legion Auxiliary, and the International Crane Foundation. The CN team has acknowledged Rachel's input and does offer the capability to add affiliation of clubs and other organizations but is actively exploring ways to place a greater emphasis on this feature.

In the inspiring journey of Rachel Johnson, we are presented with a testament to the transformative impact of CN ePortfolio on her academic and professional trajectory. As Rachel continues to excel and chase her aspirations, CN ePortfolio remains an indispensable ally, showcasing her remarkable talents, accomplishments, and dreams for the world to see.

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