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About Alexis Fernandez

Meet Alexis Fernandez, a bright and passionate second-year student at Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles. Alexis is pursuing a major in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and a minor in Psychology. Her academic and career goals include securing summer internships throughout her college career while exploring various sectors within the business field. Post-college, Alexis aspires to gain experience in the workforce and then attend business school to pursue an MBA.

The Beginning

Alexis embarked on her CN ePortfolio journey during her first year at Mount Saint Mary’s University as part of her first-year seminar class's requirements. In this class, students were encouraged to update their profiles weekly, adding documents, skills, pictures, and summaries of events and workshops they attended during their first year. Alexis followed these guidelines saying, "my first-year seminar allowed me to adequately create my ePortfolio profile.”

Keeping the ePortfolio up to date

Alexis recognizes the ongoing value of the platform and intends to continue updating it as she progresses through her academic and professional journey. "Updating your CN ePortfolio shows your ongoing growth and development," she said. Alexis believes it will play an increasingly significant role in her life as she starts applying for programs, scholarships, jobs, and promotions. She views it as an excellent way to demonstrate her expertise to potential employers, as it allows her personality and values to shine, unlike a traditional resume. This distinction sets her apart from others in the eyes of prospective employers.

The CN ePortfolio is valuable when seeking employment or when you want to showcase your expertise to business professionals.

Alexis Fernandez

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Unlocking Opportunities with the ePortfolio

For Alexis, the CN ePortfolio also serves as a tool for reflection on her learning experiences, goals, and progress. It allows her to document her learning journey by adding artifacts, documents, presentations, and videos, enabling her to track her development and showcase her accomplishments. It also strengthened key digital skills for the workforce. "Working with ePortfolio enhanced my digital literacy skills, as I could organize and present my content effectively using digital tools and technologies." She sees the ePortfolio as a valuable asset for showcasing her growth and expertise and hopes it will put her at an advantage when she begins applying for internships for the summer 2024.

Her experience with the ePortfolio has also enhanced her learning experience, enabling her to effectively organize and present her content using digital tools and technologies. She likes the CN ePortfolio because "LinkedIn is a social networking platform primarily used for professional networking, job searching, and career development. It is not limited to the academic context." The ePortfolio takes a much deeper look into her skills and ideas beyond just the academic level.

Tips for Building ePortfolios

As students begin their ePortfolio journey, Alexis offers some essential tips to create a strong and engaging online portfolio. Firstly, Alexis suggests organizing content with a clear and intuitive navigation structure. Grouping related materials into categories, such as projects, achievements, and skills, helps visitors easily access and navigate the portfolio. Another crucial aspect is the incorporation of multimedia elements like images, videos, and infographics. These visuals not only make the portfolio visually appealing but also add an interactive dimension, helping to convey skills and accomplishments more effectively.

Enhancing Collaboration in the CN ePortfolio

When asked about what features she felt were missing from the CN ePortfolio, she stated, "Collaboration Tools: Implement collaboration features, such as inviting peers, instructors, or mentors to provide feedback and comments on ePortfolio content." The CN ePortolio currently has some collaboration methods, but they are actively looking to enhance or highlight these capabilities.

In the case of Alexis Fernandez, her journey is an inspiring testament to the transformative impact of CN ePortfolio on her academic and professional trajectory. As she continues to excel and chase her aspirations, CN ePortfolio remains an indispensable ally, showcasing her remarkable talents, accomplishments, and dreams for the world to see.

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